Born in London, 1982. Lives in Los Angeles.

Education: MFA Glasgow School of Art, 2008. BFA Middlesex University London, 2004

Solo and two person exhibitions/projects:

2018 - "There It Is...Take It!", (with Patricia Valencia), MK Festival Fringe, Milton Keynes, UK
2015 - The atrocious eternal return, (with Patricia Valencia), curated by Salomón Huerta, Jaus, Los Angeles
2014 - 12/21/12: Illuminations, (screening with Patricia Valencia), Milton Keynes Gallery, UK
2013 - We steal by line and level, Huerta Studio, Los Angeles
2013 - América Tropical, (with Patricia Valencia), kamikaze night curated by Salomón Huerta, PØST, Los Angeles
2013 - Then zoom became drone, (with Patricia Valencia), Tropico de Nopal Gallery, Los Angeles
2010 – Emmett Walsh & Susana Gaudêncio, The Mews Project Space, London
2010 – Bastard Gum: A Natural Monologue, performance at serialworks, Cape Town & Milton Keynes Gallery, UK
2009 – Bastard Gum, research residency, St Helena Island
2009 – Antananarivo..., (with Jochen Plogsties) 101, Brooklyn, New York
2007 – sotto voce, Spectacle Gallery, Birmingham

Group exhibitions/projects:

2018 - A Universal History of Infamy: Those of This America, curated by Vincent Ramos, LACMA at Charles White Elementary, Los Angeles. Part of the Getty's PST: LA/LA
2016 - Support Structures, Collective Arts Incubator, Highland Park, Los Angeles
2014 - BYOB, curated by Gareth Horner, Milton Keynes Gallery, UK
2014 - Itch Scratch Scar, curated by Kohl King and Alevé Loh, Fellows Of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
2013 - MK Calling, Milton Keynes Gallery, UK
2013 - LA Art Book Fair, with Miniature Garden, Geffen Contemorary at MOCA, Los Angeles
2012 - Group show, Trove, Birmingham, UK
2012 - Light, a publication by Miniature Garden, New York and NSEW, Oslo, Norway
2012 - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin
2011 – Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
2011 – Paris Correspondence School, curated by Charlie Levine & Minnie Weisz, Minnie Weisz Studio, London, traveled to Trove, Birmingham, UK
2010 - Futures Market, contributor to the Mews Projects' collaborative archive for the Terraces projects at Lisbon Art Fair, Portugal
2010 – Victor & Hester publication launch and performance, Gambetta, Glasgow
2010 – Screen Test, Scratch Night video screening, Milton Keynes Gallery
2010 – Shred Exchange, a public art event with publicworks, part of the London Festival of Architecture
2010 – In this wondrous world, SunBear Gallery at the Glasite Meeting House; part of Annuale, Edinburghs Festival of Independent Practice
2010 – Turn It On Again, SWG3 Projects, Glasgow International Festival
2010 – Salt Water, The Tall Ship, Glasgow International Festival
2010 – Victor & Hester Journal Issues 1& 2 Launch, Victor & Hester, Glasgow
2009 – In the City, Online commission for the Edinburgh Art Festival
2009 – 1000 Bags Here and Now, a public art commission with publicworks for the Whitechapel Art Gallery's 'The Street' project.
2009 – Stems, Cape Town School of Photography, South Africa
2008 – Place03: Pastoral, Park Circus, Glasgow
2008 – And So It Goes, Artnews Projects, Berlin
2008 – Enders 1: Some Things Worth Knowing, Enders Gallery, London
2008 – MFA Degree Show, Tramway, Glasgow
2008 – Polish-Scottish Cultural Stimulation, collaborative project with Maciek Przybycien, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
2008 – Flock, Bezalel Academy of Arts, Tel Aviv
2007 – An Adventurer’s Guide to the Subjugation of the Island of Sapouti, in collaboration with Conor Kelly, publication launch, CCA, Glasgow; 300M3 Gallery Gothenberg; various book fairs in UK
2007 – Weirding and the Uncanny, Newbery Gallery, Glasgow
2007 – MFA Interim Show, Macintosh Gallery, Glasgow
2007 – A Curious Discovery Was Made, (Co-curator of film screenings with Ani Baronian) CCA, Glasgow
2007 – One Hundred Years Too Early, One Hundred Years Too Late, Terrace Gallery, London
2006 – Unterventionen, Leipzig, Germany
2006 – Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2004 – Middlesex ‘04, Old Truman Brewery, London
2004 – Hyphen, Market Street, Leicester
2004 – Don’t Step Too Nearly, Quicksilver Gallery, London


2018 - On, Press, Milton Keynes, UK
2013 - 12/21/12: Illuminations, (with Patricia Valencia), Miniature Garden, New York
2012 - Light, Miniature Garden, New York and NSEW, Oslo, Norway
2010 – Book of books, Miniature Garden, New York
2010 – Victor & Hester Journal Issues 8, 2 & 1, Victor & Hester, Glasgow
2009 – 2HB Vol.5, CCA publication, Glasgow
2009 – Middle of the Road, Miniature Garden, New York 
2009 - Erotic Cakes, Vol. 1, Issue 1,, Glasgow
2009 – i Publications, Vol. 1, Issue 1, i Publications, Glasgow
2008 – The Sun, the Moon, and Everything In Between, Edition of 50, Hydra Press, Glasgow
2008 – Judge Judy Presiding Near the Cross of Spancil Hill, Edition of 100, Hydra Press, Glasgow
2007 – An Adventurer’s Guide to the Subjugation of the Island of Sapouti, in collaboration with Conor Kelly, Edition of 100, Hydra Press, Glasgow
2007 – sotto voce, Edition of 100, Hydra Press, Glasgow

2010 – Pecha Kucha,  Scratch Night presentations, Milton Keynes Gallery
2010 – Bastard Gum: A Natural Monologue, performance at serialworks, Cape Town & Milton Keynes Gallery
2010 – Visiting artist lecture, Visual Arts Dept. University of Stellenbosch, SA
2008 – Euntes Ergo Docete, Place03: Pastoral. Park Circus, Glasgow
2004 – Friday, Old Truman Brewery, London
2004 – Tunnel, Market Street, Leicester

2010 – International Fellowship, Greatmore Arts Cape Town, in conjunction with Gasworks Gallery London
2008 – Richard DeMarco Travel Scholarship, The Arts Trust of Scotland

The Sun, the Moon & Everything In Between, Map Magazine, Issue 15, Autumn 2008. Book review by Martin Vincent
Glasgow School of Art MFA Degree Show, The List, Issue 605, June 2008. Liz Shannon
Weirding and the Uncanny, The List, Issue 592, December 2007. David Pollock

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