Above: Commidendrum spurium x rotundifolium hybrid, #5, B&W medium format photograph, 2009

Tracing the Bastard Gum (Instant Series), 20 colour polaroid photographs, each 9x11cm, 2009

Left: Tracing the Bastard Gum (Archival Studies 1 & 2), C-Type prints, each 30x30cm, 2009

Photography of Archival Studies and Commidendrum by Tor Jonsson

‘As in point of structure it possesses peculiarities of its own, it is evident that the loss of such a tree [Commidendrum rotundifolium] is equivalent to the tearing out of the page of a record, or, to suit the Philistine mind, let us say the destruction of the page of a ledger.’

These images form the introduction to a larger project titled Bastard Gum, an investigation into the conservation of an endemic plant species, and the development of a new airport on the island of St Helena.

For a downloadable podcast recital of an introductory text, and pdf of the Instant Series, see: http://www.edinburghartfestival.com/pocket-festival/

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