Your politics will disappear
Your boundaries will erode

“There It Is…Take It!”, 2018
HD video, colour, silent
16:9 ratio
13:25 mins

Shot collaboratively with Patricia Valencia between March 2017 and June 2018 "There It Is...Take It!" examines several sites in California that are tied together by water rights, containment, urban development, and political ideals eroding in the landscape.
Filmed in Southern and Central California at the failed Llano del Rio Socialist colony in the Mojave desert, the WWII Japanese-American internment camp Manzanar, 4000 year-old trees at the ancient Bristlecone Pines National Park, a collection of naturally formed volcanic rock columns at the edge of Lake Crowley, and locations along the contentious 233-mile long Los Angeles aqueduct.

"There It Is...Take It!" was exhibited in the MK Festival Fringe, UK, in July 2018.

To view the full video see:

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