12/21/12: Illuminations, a three-channel video installation made in collaboration with Patricia Valencia. First presented at Tropico de Nopal Gallery, Los Angeles, 2013, and subsequently screened with an artist's talk at the MK Gallery, England, June 2014.

To view videos see: http://vimeo.com/76498957 

12/21/12: Illuminations
, documents the sunrise of the 2012 winter solstice projecting a column of light through the interior of a Mission in northern California. The church’s purposeful architectural alignment and presumed motives are investigated through slow, detailed shots of light and shadow playing on the man-made construction.

The accompanying publication is hinged upon a written essay that collects together circumstantial histories and notes on celestial alignments that revolve around the annual event of the sun dissecting the building. Themes discussed include the apocalyptic misreading of Maya cosmology, Western enlightenment tactics of religious conversion, the advent of computer-generated imagery alongside experimental film works of light and colour, and the uncovering of both ancient and contemporary attitudes towards mortality.

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A collaborative publication with Patricia Valencia and Miniature Garden, New York, 2013. See:  12/21/12 ILLUMINATIONS

Also available at Printed Matter (New York), Art Metropole (Toronto), & Good Press Gallery (Glasgow)

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